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We have known for years that buyers and sellers can do for themselves much of what real estate agents did in the past. Today, recognizing the need for creating more value is vital if agents are to be relevant. That means Anthony Harding must deliver something to you that is far beyond what you, or an average agent, can do. That is precisely why we have created Anthony Harding Luxury Real Estate Marketing. It consists of the trademarked Dream Home Process, the trademarked Why Homes Don’t Sell Process, and the three levels of bespoke marketing opportunities.

Discovery > Assessment > Plan > Action > Satisfaction

Maximizing Your Dollars & Saving You Time

Three Approaches

Our three levels of bespoke marketing opportunities include Gold Status, Platinum Status and Grandeur Status. These precise and tailor-made marketing plans will be created to accommodate your desired results.

1) Gold Status

It begins with an explorative consultation, at which time we discover clarity about your goals and timing. Later we perform an assessment of your current property, and when appropriate, an asking price is established, a theme created, and a marketing campaign is developed. An outline is established for the people involved, with duties and timelines. Next is putting the detailed marketing campaign into action; which has a foundation of passive and active programs, consisting of a multitude of social media and property search systems.

2) Platinum Status

This combines the Gold Status with a higher level of performance in nearly every task. Exceptional thought is given for a precise custom plan of action. Another layer of research is performed, giving even more clarity for planning and implementation. The quality and volume of staging, photography, printing, and videos are all elevated. Additional venues for advertising and marketing are established, and more direct mail pieces are presented.

3) Grandeur Status

This is the ultimate package, and may define an absolute sale and closing date. It combines both the Gold and Platinum Status marketing campaigns at the highest quality level and delivery programs. Extended research, accelerated pricing strategy, and a bespoke marketing campaign is defined. Many proprietary plans and tools are implemented as needed.

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Our trademarked Dream Home Process is designed to maximize your dollars, save you valuable time, and most of all, give you peace of mind knowing you are doing the right thing, at the right time, with the right people.


Our trademarked Why Homes Don’t Sell Process provides 10 reasons why your home hasn’t sold and a solution.

Discovering the true value of a Luxury or Specialty Property takes time, knowledge, and creative judgement. Anthony Harding Luxury Real Estate Marketing is designed to highlight apparent features and expose subliminal value for the buyer’s lifestyle, ultimately maximizing opportunities for both buyer and seller.

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70 years of combined experience, allows us to utilize unique abilities in formulating a vision of options that work for a specific property. We work to improve new techniques which accommodates a changing world, all the while employ proven success formulas from the past. New and innovative approaches coupled with a bespoke marketing plan, brings gratifying victory on closing day.


Luxury and Specialty Property have at least one, and probably two or three, methods for completing a successful sale. In addition to visionary options, analytics and data are necessary in determining what precise method and marketing plan will be created to accommodate your desired results. These tailor-made plans can include up to three phases.


A few examples of present and past successes.

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